Web typography assignment

While I was away on a short trip to Quebec City, I missed the class dedicated to Web typography. Luckily, Mark was kind enough to record the class for me. Being a print designer and having worked in the magazine industry, I am already familiar with typographic contrast and hierarchy, but review is always welcome.

After a quick summary of the major typographic concepts, it was time to start  styling the articles we had selected. In the spirit of the subject matter, I chose to style an article on Paul Rand, a graphic design icon, and as a side benefit, got to learn more about him.

I enjoyed working on this project; it was pretty painless and although I struggled a bit with (up-to-now) seldom-used elements (table and definition lists), it turned out as I envisioned. Check out the result here.

I must admit that I do wonder about  the timing of this typography lesson. We have already built numerous websites and it kind of feels like this lesson and assignment should have come much earlier on in the semester. I’m sure it’s information that would have been beneficial prior to composite one.