Learning: Culinary

I will be starting my first class in Culinary 1 at George Brown College this Sunday! I’ve been debating whether I should take this course as it seems as something of an indulgence; I don’t plan on becoming a chef or working in the food or restaurant industry. But it might just be a dream job for me someday to work in-house (or freelance) at a restaurant group, being responsible for pretty much all of their creative needs (print design, web design, photography).

In my Food and Product photography class last year, my teacher told me I was a natural at food styling, and George Brown offers a class in this which I’ve been dying to take. They’ve only started offering it again after years of hiatus, but I’d need to have taken Culinary 1 first, so I finally enrolled after a year of thinking about it.

I still need to get my chef’s whites and buy some supplies and steel toe shoes, but everyone I know who has taken this course raves about it, and about how much delicious food you get to take home at the end of each class. So at least I’ll have Sunday dinner taken care of! =)