Design-to-code assignment

This was a seemingly simple assignment that got way out of control for me. I thought I was pretty decent at the basics we’ve tackled so far and haven’t struggled too much with css and responsive design using the 960 grid, aside from the dreaded navigation bar, and in particular, the dreaded mobile navigation bar.

But this layout was actually built at 1024px, so I decided to nest a 960 grid within that. I managed to get the static desktop site mostly coded during class except for the form, and thought I was in good shape to make it responsive. I had already set some of the widths using percentages so it should have already been resizing fluidly, at least a little. But it wasn’t. Not one single part of it. So after trying to tweak things for a little while, I decided it might be better to start over. And over. And over. I think this final version is version 4.

To get to this stage, I have broken nearly every single thing, and usually more than once. I’ve had every block level element collapse on me, elements not centering when I thought they should, both vertically and horizontally. I’ve had trouble deciding whether an image should be applied as an image tag or a background image, and I’ve gone back and forth trying out each option. I’ve been on the verge of giving up on this assignment several times.

This isn’t perfect, but I have to stop working on because 1) I’m now growing to resent it and 2) I’m falling behind on all of my other assignments. That pesky imac illustration overlaps and doesn’t resize because I made it a background image. Maybe I could at least tweak the position, but I’m going to live with it now. I’m also pretty sure I was supposed to replace the images with their higher res 2x versions for retina screens, but I didn’t do that either.

Here are the final results:

To answer the Design to Code questions:

2. The layout uses the 960 grid…sort of.

3. The 12-column grid works best for this layout.

4. The main sections are: intro, services, portfolio, contact, footer.

5. I created body, header, nav, articles.

6. The full width of the site is 1024px.

7. Typical 960 grid has 10px padding and 10px margin all around. I didn’t have too many of the elements adhering completely to this convention though.

8. I probably could have wrapped the entire thing in a main tag, but I kind of thought they were all of the same importance so I didn’t use one at all. All of my elements are outside of main tag, though I don’t think it would be odd to have the footer, and maybe the nav outside of the main tag.

9. The only graphical elements i created were buttons. Now I’m wondering if I was supposed to make more? Maybe a favicon?

10. The “view my work button” was 140px wide x 50px high, while the “view project button” was 109px wide x 50px high.

11. I created the buttons using css a tags instead of creating a graphic.

12. The main colours used in the design were: #B9383E (dark red), #F64ES2 (lighter red), #E8E8E8 (light grey), #FFF (white), #000 (black).

13. This could have used a little letterspacing on the h2 tag in the contact section. The capital T and E are touching and that doesn’t look great. I find that letterspacing isn’t as subtle as kerning so I’ve mainly stayed away from it unless I want it to be really obvious that I’ve manipulated the spacing, but maybe I’m doing it wrong.



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